This site is designed to be your one stop shop for renting your student's instrument online. If you have questions that are not answered on the site, check the FAQ or call us Toll-free at (877) 798-3325

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to process my Online Rental?
    Most rentals are processed and shipped the same business day or next business day. This allows us time to verify your identity and billing information. Once all information is confirmed, your instrument will ship FEDEX ground and will take 1-5 business days to arrive based on your proximity to our warehouse in Indiana. Orders may be expedited for an additional fee. Just reply to the email confirmation requesting a quote for faster delivery.

  • Is the rental instrument going to be new?
    Most of our rentals are in "like new" condition. We go to great lengths to ensure that our rental instruments are meticulously maintained and in top working order. All of our rental instruments are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, sterilized, and come ready to play. Instruments are divided into Like-new, Private Brand, or Used categories, with the pricing varying depending on your choice.

  • What comes with the instrument?
    Every instrument comes in a carrying case and includes all items necessary to start playing right away. We do not include music books or stands as they are specified by your music teacher and can be purchased locally.

  • What if I need to have my instrument repaired?
    In the event that repairs are needed, ship the instrument back to us and we'll repair it. If an extended period of time is needed for the repair, a replacement instrument will be shipped to you at no charge.

  • Do you offer any kind of protection plan?
    Our Instrument Protection Plan costs just $4 per month, and protects your child's instrument against theft, loss, or damage. In the event that loss or damage occurs, simply ship the instrument to us (if possible) and we'll send a replacement within 48 hours. Any claims of loss or theft must be accompanied by a police report, and the damaged instrument must be returned.

  • What if my instrument is lost or stolen?
    As long as you're enrolled in the Instrument Protection Plan, you're covered, and we'll ship out a new instrument to you. Be sure to report the loss to the police and get a copy of the police report. Send a copy of the police report to us and we'll send out a replacement instrument.

  • What happens if my child quits band or orchestra?
    If your child decides that band isn't for them, Email or call 877-798-3325 to get a Return Authorization number. Once you have this number, just ship the instrument back to us. When the instrument arrives, your contract will end.

  • Will the instrument we rent from you be suitable for our child's band or orchestral program?
    Our selection of instruments includes the name brands that band instructors trust, including industry heavyweights such as Yamaha, Selmer, Glaesel, and Bach. You can rent from us, assured that the instrument you rent meets all the requirements of your child's music program.

  • My child has outgrown their instrument, what do I do now?
    While a child won't outgrow a brass or woodwind instrument, it's common for children to outgrow their stringed instrument just like they out grow their clothes. When your child gets too big for their stringed instrument, simply trade it in for the next size up. There's no charge for the trade-in, just ship it to us and we'll ship you a replacement.

  • Do you sell instruments?
    We do sell instruments, but currently the only instruments available for sale are from our "Used" category. However, all rental payments go towards the purchase of the instrument (rent-to-own). The length of time need to fully pay off an instrument varies by instrument type and quality, but once the final payment is received, the instrument is yours to keep.

  • How long does it take to "own" the instrument through rental?
    The term varies depending on the quality and type of instrument. A common term is 36 months, though some instruments may extend to 48 months or longer.

  • Do you charge sales tax?
    We do, but it is included in the monthly rental fee.

  • Is there a minimum contract length?
    Every rental contract starts with a two-month contract. After this initial two months, the contract can be terminated at any time, and the instrument returned to us. There are no fees and no penalties for terminating the contract after the initial two months.

For Additional Questions
  • After you place your rental order, you will receive an email confirmation. Simply reply to that email with your question.
  • Email us directly anytime: Email us
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