This site is designed to be your one stop shop for renting your student's instrument online. If you have questions that are not answered on the site, check the FAQ or call us Toll-free at (877) 798-3325

Making the Right Choice

When you rent from us, you get a quality instrument that suits your student's needs, your band director's requirements, and your budget. We've got a great selection of both name-brand and value-brand instruments that are shipped from our Indiana facility straight to your home, ready to play right out of the case.

The Right Instrument for Your Student
For years, we've equipped students with quality instruments at very affordable rental rates. Our staff has over 60 years of combined experience and understands the needs of students, as well as the requirements of music programs. We make it easy for you to find the right instrument at the right price.
  • Band-director-approved instruments
  • An incredible inventory in our Indiana warehouse
  • Expert service
  • Great prices and convenient, automatic billing
  • No long-term commitment

Great Options
We give you several options to choose from when you pick an instrument. From name-brand to value brand, we have three different condition categories ensuring you'll be able to find what you want when you rent with us.
  • Name-brand and value-brand instruments
  • Like-new or used instruments available
  • Ready to play, right out of the case
  • Express replacement policy

What's the Difference Between Name-brand or Value-brand?
We offer both name-brand instruments and our Value Brand instruments. While both options are quality instruments, our Value Brand offers you a chance to save a few dollars on your monthly rentals. These instruments meet the requirements of most band and music programs and play great — they're just more affordably priced.

Should I Rent or Buy?
Rental is a great option if you're not sure your student is going to continue to pursue his or her musical education. Also, renting offers the convenience of small monthly payments and allows you to take advantage of our Instrument Protection Plan, which can protect you from unforeseen accidents and mishaps that can render an instrument lost or unplayable. If you prefer to purchase an instrument outright, we have a variety of quality used instruments for sale. You can rest assured that any instrument from — be it rented or bought — is high-quality and in top working order.

What If I Need to Return My Child's Instrument?
If your child decides that band or orchestra isn't for them, or they would like to switch to a different instrument, you can easily return your instrument to us. There are no penalties or hidden fees.

Our Instrument Protection Plan Provides Peace of Mind.
The plan protects your instrument against the cost of repairs, loss, theft, or damage that renders the instrument unplayable. In the event that your instrument needs service, we'll ship you a replacement instrument. Simply put the damaged instrument in the shipping box the replacement arrived in and ship it to us.

(In the event of theft, a police report must be filed and a copy of the police report must be provided to within 30 days of the occurrence for the theft coverage to be effective. If the instrument is damaged beyond repair or lost to theft by forcible entry, will replace it with an instrument of equal quality and value for a deductible charge of 20% of the instrument's retail value. In compliance of our replacement coverage, local police must be notified within 24 hours of theft, and must be notified within 48 hours.)


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